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You guys like paperwork? Sure you do. Original pic by decu obviously.
Frank rubbed the weariness from his eyes with a tired sigh. The past several hours had been… draining, to say the least, and he was eager to collapse on his bed and forget about the world—and the damned war—for just a couple hours. The very thought tantalized him to the core: sleep was so close, yet so far. For although everyone else’s day might be over, his still had a little more to go. Flying an advanced fighter prototype came with unique responsibilities: namely, filing extensive after-action reports for Chance Vought’s engineers. As much as he wanted to, the report couldn’t wait. Pissing off engineers with tardy excuses was never smart, especially when their innovations were helping him fight and stay alive. Working late was the least he could do in return.

And on top of that, Maverick and Goose were still occupied at the military hospital. That meant Frank could concentrate on his work, get ‘er done, and then sleep. Easy as one, two, three. His fingers fumbled with the knob a couple times, still numb from the winter cold. He stepped foot in the dark room and snapped on the lights, cringing at the sudden brightness. Eyes adjusted, he looked towards the desk and locked eyes with the Chance Vought report: PaperMerlin. She sat nervously on the desk, wrapping the thin sheets about her in a loose stack.

"G-good evening, Frank." PaperMerlin muttered coyly, the edge of her clipboard showing underneath her sheets. A cold wind blew through the open door, making her pages rustle uncomfortably. “A-are you coming in?”

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“N-not f-fair, Frank. I-I wasn’t ready.” PaperMerlin moaned as Frank continued his ministration with his pen. It glided smoothly over her skin, leaving tell-tale traces in its wake. She yelped slightly as Frank dog-eared page two for later review.

The pen continued to work its magic, sending PaperMerlin into heady ecstasy. She could barely register Frank’s loving whispers as he mouthed the words he wrote on her skin.

"... hard-points compatible with Japanese armament was extremely beneficial in this engagement." Frank muttered. He stopped, raising his pen to his lips as he considered his next words.

PaperMerlin waited in tantalized silence, four of her pages thoroughly disheveled. Frank couldn’t stop now—not when he was getting to the core of the report! She moaned loudly as Frank suddenly began his scrawling once more.

“… developing a universal guidance system or installing a bank of multiple systems on the Wyvern is highly recommended, especially for future coalition missions.” Frank finished, punctuating the sentence with a forceful jab of the pen. PaperMerlin couldn’t help but gasp at the sudden jolt.

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Despite the ...unconventional premise, that was actually a very good read.

I enjoyed it thoroughly, and I look forward to your porn in the future.

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The small, cramped room was a luxury. It was a hole she could slip into, to separate herself from the rest of the world. The air, thick with humidity, calmed her. The dim lights and fuzzy shadows were a warm blanket. The hard bed was a place of comfort. Only the hum of the engine penetrated here. It was a womb, and she could think of no better place to collect her shattered thoughts.


Natsumi Ogawa repeated the word to herself, quietly. Alive. Her sister had been lost, her memory attacked by the superiors that once praised her, charges of incompetence and cowardice staining her record. She was not expected to be able to stand trial and defend herself, but that was a trivial matter; for cases such as hers, no conviction needed to be reached. Once accused, the results were the same.


Natsumi's sister, Harumi, was thought dead. It drove Natsumi off the track, the carefully planned and executed series of events that were her life until now. Once the star child of her peers, primed to follow in Harumi's footsteps, news of her sister's downfall ruined her. Her superiors began to see her as the incompetent coward they believed Harumi to be. They belittled her, stoking the flames of her fury. Natsumi struggled to contain herself, to stifle the internal chaos that was dragging her off the track, but there is only so much such a young girl can do to control her emotions. Her performance suffered. Her manner became toxic. She found bitter pleasure in proving her now-malicious superiors right. Incompetent? Yes! Look! Do you see? The Ogawas are both ruinous! Ahaha, you believe in such a falsehood! Let you believe that until the day you die, not ever knowing how wrong and foolish you are!

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File: haha.png -(12483 B, 120x120) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>“Ogawa! Rae! You're too deep in!”
>“I'm coming, I'm coming!” Rae yelled angrily.
>Natsumi opened her mouth to reply... “That may be a problem,"
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File: 124022951785.jpg -(34174 B, 465x565) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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OgawaxBoser with a side of Raes?

>> No.6189  

OdessaxBatwings when

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...You're going to have to explain that one to me.

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70945 No.5542   [Reply]

french witches thread

gallian pride worldwide

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File: You monster.jpg -(175552 B, 1280x1440) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Rip open a man's ball sack
>Fuck him through it

That's some Rape-of-Nanjing shit right there...

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>> No.6133  


Check this shit out >>6127

Ripped open his ballsack and he's now fucking that poor man through the hole he just made...

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File: oh boy goodie.jpg -(167386 B, 400x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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File: 25333812.png -(245474 B, 411x606) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Perrine is olev

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Fixed a few things on the site. Max number of bumps = 500, max number of posts site-wide set to infinite.

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removed furryrars. as that went pathetic afew eeks ago

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no failed try to upload furaffinity here

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Did you celebrate the best witch's birthday?

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ur waifu a shit

>> No.6116  

hella cute op

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File: d57bbc7c7a49f790f221bd5615e315c9.jpg -(475696 B, 827x902) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

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I’m opening this thread to gauge people’s interest in partaking in yet another SWQ-spinoff quest, about a Stuka pilot in Iberia—or as most people call it, Spain.

Ever since France was first occupied by the Martians, Mr. Churchill had insisted that the Spanish Peninsula was the soft underbelly into Western Europe. It’s been a year-and-a-half since a multinational coalition landed on Spanish soil at Churchill’s insistence. They are about as close to breaking through to France as when they first set foot.

As a German Stuka pilot trapped in this meat grinder, you will render vital CAS to not only Germans and Spaniards, but also Tommies, Yanks, and Canucks. Their requests will range from the mundane to the insane.

You’ll face a gauntlet of Martian fighters and AA batteries in your line of duty. In order to survive, you will have to rely not only on your skill, but also on your suspect fighter cover: a minority of Commonwealth pilots in Spain are old hands from 1939~1941—bombing their wives and children did not ingrate you to them. They wouldn’t shed a tear if you dove right into the ground, and a few might dare make it happen.

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File: top honk.png -(40505 B, 184x184) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You mean TW89' is TWQ with a male lead that actually happens, right?

>> No.5974  

>>5973 correct motherfucker, twq was teh first so its the best

>> No.5975  


you know who had panther tanks before twq?


that means Hitler is better than TWQ

>> No.5983  


oh derp

mend to say swq


>> No.6085  
File: JG88.png -(67648 B, 1000x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Delicious German ground-attack aviation be happening as a write-faggotry.

Please look forward to the "Ardour of Iberia," which will be serialized on SWC and, of course, here at tofu.

File: 200px-COA_of_Calgary.svg[1].png -(47970 B, 200x217) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
47970 No.6080   [Reply]

There was a War. Which War? How tragic it is that such a question can even be asked! There was once a War whose terrible presence shook the very foundations of our civilizations, and it is this War that shall be our framework. Though its beginnings may be a familiar and boring story to the historians, its middle and end came as though from the works of the strangest fiction. The War brought with it great suffering, the loss of many lives, livelihoods, and spirits, and caused destruction on scales that could scarcely have been dreamed of.

But for all its horror, the War Period was not exclusively the domain of pain and tragedy. The War, though encompassing, could not be all-encompassing; there were slivers of time for even the most weary soldiers, sailors, and witches to think, to rest, and occasionally, even to forget. It is forgotten that not everyone served on the front lines, that not everyone lived in war-torn cities and villages, that not everyone lived with naught but the depressing weight of the War on their minds. Some fortunate few found love and bore children. Some lived to their ripe old ages and passed on in their sleep. You see, having never been there, we find it all too easy to see the War Period to be nothing but a contiguous bout of universal suffering!

It was not all doom and gloom! How could it be? Even as Man and Martian shed blood in the fields, flowers bloomed, birds sang, and trees blossomed! Even as we reached our greatest despair, children laughed with all their might! Even the Witch children, who seemed damned to a life on the battlefield found time to play, tease, joke, learn, and commit the random acts of mischief expected of children their age! Is it truly so hard to imagine? Let me speak to you of one such child. Three, actually, though the two that would become her friends appear a short while later.

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>> No.6081  

A bell chimes and the hustle and bustle of the students begins to halt. Arianne continues searching, knowing full well what is about to happen. She has, for several years now, learned to ignore it, and in fact could now follow word for word if she so desired. To the dismay of any teacher, however, Arianne could not care less for the announcement, let alone reciting it. It is what comes afterward that drives her to search particularly frantically.

"Good day, ladies," comes a familiar voice: The Lady of the Halls. "It has been a long summer, and we would like to welcome you all back to the Academy."

The students reply with halfhearted murmurs, many tempted to continue about their business for they too have heard this speech many times. Unfortunately, they, unlike Arianne, are still expected to follow proper etiquette by the watchful teachers and staff. They freeze, making Arianne's task much simpler. Seizing the opportunity to conduct her search more thoroughly, the Lady's words pass right over her head.

"We understand that a lot of things have changed since we last welcomed you. Many of us have relatives that have been sent off to serve." Her voice, though strict as ever, is tainted with uncharacteristic worry. The students now turn their full attention to the Lady, for once curious about what she has to say. "It has been decided to tell you all now: all students are now to join their countrymen and women after their fourth year in the upper division."

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>> No.6082  

The Ladies lead Beryl and Arianne through several halls, Ms. Europa giving the new witch odd bits of history regarding whatever item they pass by. Paintings, statues, works produced by past students, all intriguing stories, or would be if she weren't so focused on not breaking into tears. Why did this have to happen to her? Beryl wasn't a troublemaker! This...this Arianne dragged her into trouble on her very first day!

Ms. Io stops in front of an ornate door, intricate carvings flowing out of the wooden frame. "Here we are. Step inside, Ms. Cordell, Ms. Arens. I shall fetch Ms. Elara and discuss your conduct with her." She opens the door, her authoritative glare dragging the pair inside as much as their own two legs. Ms. Io shuts the door behind them, locking it with a click.

The office is orderly, with only a few personal touches indicating it was used by a single person. A photo frame sits on a far table, showing a young girl with a wild look in her eyes. She smiles, wind blowing her hair back. Uncomfortable chairs are spread in front of the largely bare desk, itself a foreboding feature. Its dark wood and polished finish seem to pulse with foreboding purpose, filling the air (and Beryl's heart) with dread.

"Ah....she kept the photograph up!" Arianne notes, unperturbed. "I knew she thought so too!"

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>> No.6083  

"Including myself, once or twice," Ruth says. "Don't think I've forgotten about those incidents, Anne."

"I told you not to follow me!"

"I'm an adult, I'm here for your safety, Anne!"

"I don't need an adult for safety!"

Ruth raises an eyebrow, prompting Arianne to cross her arms and pout. It's obvious to everyone how wrong that statement is.

"In any case, you really picked a bad time to draw Ms. Io's attention. Did you catch any of the announcement?" Ruth asks.

"Um...'Welcome back, enjoy your new year, let's get the scavenging hunt started'?"

"Well, yes, but there was a bit more than that."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1346476668135.jpg -(63120 B, 441x678) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
63120 No.1475   [Reply]

All my stories so far have been pretty d'aww, so I decided to make a foray into new territory! Tell me what you think!

Victor Kent awoke in a bed.

Or rather, he became aware. He was no longer unconscious. What had happened? The martians had blown the lead tank to smithereens, and one of the pieces struck his, then... nothing. Shit, he must have been knocked cold. But he was awake now, why couldn't he move? He relaxed for a moment, and focused on what he could feel. There was a light blanket over him, tiny pricks in his arms and hands that had to be IV needles... a hospital then. He must have been rescued from the field and brought here. But he was awake now, why couldn't he... Oh God no... was he paralyzed? Trapped in his head by a cruel wound? He could hardly think of a worse fate.

He heard the door open.

“And here we are checking on the sleepers again. Mr. and Mrs. Kent, being kept under induced coma until their injuries heal.” The nurse hummed as she shuffled about the room, checking charts and vital signs.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1348768843494.jpg -(47559 B, 480x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.






>> No.2118  

Just read this, finally.

Um, why is everyone getting so up in arms over this? It's not NTR, and it's not even that amazingly shocking.

>> No.2125  

Also two weeks of unconscious witch rape.

>> No.2130  


I doubt she'd be dead, just suffering brain damage from the lack of oxygen. Probably brain-dead after so many times of being face-fucked.

But, not dead.

>> No.6028  

Live with your shame

File: this is me giving a fuck.png -(2382471 B, 1280x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
2382471 No.5594   [Reply]

That feel when the 511th JSFW lives again

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>> No.5762  

Nice combat nightie there.

>> No.5763  

FTP, shoulda waited a day. :V

>> No.5777  
File: OP, et cetera.gif -(1809034 B, 268x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Pete please, you're using the wrong one.

>> No.5838  
File: wut.png -(98055 B, 665x598) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>mfw TERA crashes my computer entirely.

So, are you all still playing TERA or not?

>> No.5879  

hahahahaha they play MMOs

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